Divorce can be the most painful experience of your life. Your
normal world is replaced by anger, confusion, and frustration.

Consider taking the time to sort all of this out. As one past participant put it, "Divorce Recovery Program has given me back something I thought I had lost ...... hope. Each week brings me a little closer to where I need and want to be one day, fulfilled with not just life, but more importantly, myself."


The Divorce Recovery Workshop is a place to find friends, support, and resources to overcome anger and to heal from pain. Three consecutive, 11-week sessions that are Biblically based offering exactly what each individual needs to journey toward emotion healing.

The first phase of the workshop is based on the video series, "Rebuilding The Castle That Has Come Down" by Dr. William Flanagan, and the popular book, "Growing Through Divorce" by Jim Smoke. Also included in this phase are classroom presentations and small group discussion.
7 - 9 PM Tuesday Evenings At:

Holy Cross Episcopal Church
7979 N. 9th Avenue
Pensacola, FL 32514


Hank De Voll
(850) 207-5528